I cant stand the rain

July 4, 2007

Personally, we like the rain, so this apology comes with a certain amount of resistance. But then all the best apologies do. If they were easy everybody would be doing it, which, if you read our philosophy, you will see they are not. Of course being bathed in sunshine is fabulous - although the amount of people who you meet who constantly tell the world “oh, I just cant live without sunshine. I need it for my very existence. I am such a sunny person. When it rains, I just fall apart” is annoying. They think the Sun was invented for them. we usually tell them they live in England and that they should probably go and see a doctor – but there is something about rain. But you out there seem to hate the rain, and so all apologies for this most persistent of showers.

We are sorry that you got wet on your way to work this morning. We are sorry that you spent all that time making your hair look good, only for the rain to wash it all away. For all the times you went on holiday, only for it to rain whilst England bathed in record breaking temperatures. For rain at Wimbledon and The FA Cup. For rain on your birthday and rain on bank holidays and trips to the beach and the park and the theme park. We are sorry for all the rain that dampened your spirits and ruined your cigarettes. The rain that flooded your house, washed away your garden and drowned your cat. We take the blame for the rain. We are sorry.

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