The TakeTheBlame Philosophy

July 4, 2007

Our philosophy is simple, our motivation honest; We Apologise. We apologise and take the blame because no one else will. We will take anything that has ever wronged you, and write you an apology. We are sorry. Apparently we are in the grips of a so-called blame culture. Well we don’t know about you but we don’t see anybody taking the blame. We don’t see written, verbal or etched in sand apologies from the people on whose doorstep the blame should land. Put it on our doorstep then. And we will apologise to you.

It is amazing how much a simple apology means. How a simple “I am sorry”, “we are sorry” can brighten a day and more often than not, erase the problem. For we are forgiving creatures. But we are also stubborn and will hold a grudge when no apology is forthcoming. That will now change.

The last time you were spurned by a lover, ejected from a pub, riptoffed by a garage, over charged by a cinema. The last time your football team lost, your cricket team capitulated, your rugby team wimped out. The last time your car parking place was used by the work experience, the last time your bike got a puncture on the way home. The last time it rained or the last time you were mugged. The last time you phoned your bank and you put on hold in India and all you wanted was a balance. The last time your holiday was cancelled, your train was late, your subway ticket got lost in a drain. The last time your dealer ran out, you missed the bus or the kids across the street shouted abuse at you. The last time your friend didn’t call back, the animal you most love became extinct. You have no money, you have no motivation, You hate your computer. We, from the deepest, most honest depths of our heart, apologise. We will take the blame, because no one else will.

Our promise to you

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