England has less bank holidays than Europe

August 24, 2007

By April 2009 we will have 28 days holiday a year and companies will not be entitled to use bank holidays in that figure. That equates to over one full month of doing nothing every year. This is not enough. And apart from anything else, why has it taken so long to be introduced and why is it being staggered over two years? Do they think that the extra free time, if it is brought in in one big go will result in global economic breakdown? Social turmoil perhaps? Are they so reluctant to give extra holiday and bring the UK more into line with Europe that now the unions have got there way, the government are, like a child who doesnt want to give his ball back, being petty?

In France, where they are only allowed to work 6 hours a week by law, they have more bank holidays than we do. Why such an injustice? Why such inequality? It is not just France. Spain, Italy, Holland, Albania and all the other Eurovision entrants have, on average, three more bank holidays every year than us Brits.

We have no England day, unlike every nation on earth we are not allowed to celebrate this. Unlike the Americans, we have no bank holiday on the 11/11 to remember the dead of tragic wars.

For all the extra days you have to work, we apologise.

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