Scientists find a billion light year hole found in space.

August 28, 2007

Whats causing it and what is in it?

We all like a good paradox. Well at least we do. Space is full of them. Scientists get multi-million dollar grants to research them. By their very definition though they don’t exist. People are paid to research something that they know before they start out doesn’t even exist. Well those crazy scientists have been at it again and this time they really have outdone themselves. One wonders how their brains actually allow them to sleep at night.

Reuters are reporting a giant hole in the universe. It is devoid of galaxies, stars, planets, meteorites and, god-forbid, even dark matter. It is a hole. There is nothing. They have measured it and found that it is a billion light years across. So its big. How they measured it they didn’t say, our guess is that it wasn’t with a ruler. Not easy to miss a billion light year hole you would think. But somebody missed it. I suppose it would be like a garage looking at your car and missing the fact that a wheel was missing.

We already knew there was something different about this spot in the sky,” Lawrence Rudnick, professor at Minnesota University, said. “The region stood out as being colder in a survey of the Cosmic Microwave Background - the faint radio buzz left over from the Big Bang that gave birth to the Universe.” hhmmm..

What was different was a billion light year hole.

Is this the shape of the universe? A cube.

The story takes on a new mantle when you start to wonder about the actual plausibility of a hole. If the universe includes, well, everything - by its very definition it is all encompassing - then surely a hole isn’t a hole, its just part of the fabric that makes up space and time. Its not a hole then. Who changed the laws of physics?

In a statement, Lillya Williams, the highly esteemed colleague of Rudnick said, “What we’ve found is not normal.” we don’t know if that is good new or bad news but no-one is going to apologise for a big “hole” in the universe, they never do. So we will .

In one last act of sheer craziness. There are photos. Photos! of a hole, which doesn’t exist and if it did would be a hole and so nothing would be in it, near it, around it. Its a hole. How can you have a photo of nothing? Unless it isn’t actually a hole. And who took a photo of a billion light year hole? What kind of camera did they use?

You can view for yourself

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