Good verses Bad, light verses dark, God verses the Devil.

August 31, 2007

Why is all news bad? Just look at the rolling news channels, the millions of news sites on the Internet. The 9 o’clock news, the 10 o’clock news, even Newsround is just full of bad news. The news, or rather bad news, makes people sad, scared, angry and depressed.

There is a scene at the start of The Texas Chainsaw Massacre where the kids breakdown and as they sit on the side of the road pondering what to do the camera pans out and you can hear a fictitious radio news broadcast. It talks of civil unrest, murder, rape, stabbings, shootings, nuclear fallout, war, fighting in the streets, death, gloom and worldwide armageddon. Its a cunning ploy by director Tobe Hooper to set the disturbing, graphic scenes that follow against a world collapsing. The year was 1974 yet it could be a news bulletin from today.

Just a brief glance at any newspaper or news website today will tell you so. Ex kkk member goes to prison, woman dies after brutal attack, Gunmen and US forces clash in Iraq, more arrested in 11 year old slaying, soldiers die in friendly fire, Greece on fire, Kenyan politicians potentially steal billions, suicide bomber kills 2 near Kabul airport, Israeli freighter sinks, South Koreans in hostage situation, hurricane in Jamaica, fierce fighting in Congo, Brazil train crash, fighting in Darfur, North Indian clashes, Indian Maoist violence, Papua tensions. This is a snapshot gathered in seconds. It is like this everyday.

Maybe it is symbolic of bad news creating bad news. If you listen to sad music, you become sad. Perhaps good news would create good news. And by that string of thought, we blame the news media for the state of the country and the state of the world today. Its all good and well David Cameron blaming computer games for the evil deeds committed on the streets of England but that is just immature, weak, lameass propaganda. an excuse. If music and computer games are responsible now, in this country, what is responsible for the African subcontinent child armies? Grand Theft Auto?

10 years ago the news gladly waxed lyrical about how the UK was 10 years behind American gun culture. It appears their predictions are coming true. What should be happening is predictions of good. But until then, our apologies for all the bad news.

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One Response to Good verses Bad, light verses dark, God verses the Devil.

  1. The Laughing Man on February 14, 2011 at 3:46 pm

    The advent of world news, means there will always be a horrific story to report 24/7 on our tele-screens, from somewhere in the world.

    This may lead by proxy to an increasingly cold/shallow outlook by people, they are watching 400 people die in a train crash whilst eating their jacket potato, or a million people made homeless from floods, but never mind that because i need the toilet.

    Because we have been saturated with ‘bad news’ it is almost like our humanitarian caring side is attempting to be stripped away from us. We are only human we can only take so much bad news man, before it starts to wash over, and that is really not a cool thing.

    The media try to dictate when we should care or not care, who gives them the right to thrust a little starving african child into our living rooms,as if to say look this is your fault now donate to our charity that gives approx 78 per cent of its donations to its fatcats/administration (Hopefully not this high a percentage, i am just guessing) as opposed to the african starving child, and with the remianing 22 per cent we will provide the african starving children with tools to harvest the crops which they will then sell back to us at super cheap prices so that we are profitting even more from their misery.

    I am though not denouncing charity, if it does a little bit of good then fair doos, but one must assess if the benefits outweigh the detriments in such a scenario. Are we merely donating to ourselves when we donate to such causes?

    Think of the ‘food for oil’ campaign that was launched a while back as i recall. O.k so we give you food which is super cheap and you give us all your oil, because you don’t need that because your people are super poor and can barely eat, ha what do they need a silly thing like oil for? You don’t have any cars!!
    Your hardly going to take a bath in it are you, cmon lets be honest. No instead you give us all your oil and we will give you lots of food? I mean come on lets be honest our western lifestyle is f*cking shady really.

    Is this our fault as the people? No i don’t believe it is.

    More so the ones in ‘power’ that have seen such happenings and created them as part of a strategy. If they are so hellbent on accumulating so much ‘power’ then by God they should be held accountable for what they use that power for.

    A charity should mean a charity. noone should get paid, people should do it because they give a shit and want to help and no pressure should be put on people to give. If people choose to give then it should be a free choice, no guilt trip or otherwise should be utilized.

    People in general are not bastards like the press would have you believe, that is the negative propoganda, and it is propoganda that is constantly squeezed through the lexical sewerage system that is our national press. People do give a shit, but come on seriously lets have a more balanced approach to the news eh. I for one stopped watching the national news a long time ago.

    We do care as human-beings but we are only human. There is enough sadness and sorrow that surrounds us that we could be overwhelmed by it if we choose to be. Lets not choose to be. Yes my feelings are with the people who are suffering immensely, but then people are suffering the world over, but people are also rejoicing the world over as well.

    Things need to change.

    Turn off your telescreens and care about those around you. Strive to make things better for us all in your own way, no matter how small or insignificant it seems at the moment.

    Love thy neighbour as yourself.

    Not my words.

    We do love those in africa who are starving and suffering, and we need to try to redistribute the wealth of this world. Post haste.

    May God bless africa and all those in lands that are exploited and raped by our western civilization, and may we as westerners start to open our eyes and realise that with great power, one can further oneself, but rather than do that, one should maybe instead see that great power as a great responsibility to others.

    Do what you can.

    - End Message -

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