Last English White Stag beheaded

October 29, 2007

mind the deer

In one of the most barbaric, cowardly and sickening pieces of killing for killings sake, the only white red deer in the country has been killed. The White stag that roamed the Cornish and Devon borders has been beheaded and it’s carcass hung from a tree. Such was the rarity of it that locals kept its existence a secret to keep fat poachers from carrying out this very deed. As it was beheaded it can be assumed that its head and antler’s are being turned into a trophy and will adorn some sickos wall.

That such a rare beast has been needlessly extradited from the planet is bad enough. Has anyone apologised that such a sight, such an animal has been taken? Extinction is a nasty word. Every day un-discovered creatures are being made extinct in the name of progress. I suppose it is at least in the name of progress, if by progress you mean roads, but at least a road gets you somewhere. I big head on your wall is just a waste. Did anyone ever apologise about the Dodo? What about the Quagga, the Thylacine, the Auroch, the sabre toothed tiger? They slip from our midst and everyone points the finger, points the gun but never takes the blame. I suggest we find the white deer killers, cut of their heads and put them on a wall.

Educated and conservative guesses claim that every day between 35 and 150 species of animal become extinct every day! every day!! up to 150 species. That is quite absurd is it not? Other estimates put that during the history of the world, 99.9% of every animal that has ever walked the planet has become extinct! Most of these extinctions are accidents, coincidence’s, the natural balance. Some, and increasingly more though are from men. Men like the deer hunters in Devon who shot a staggering animal. For its head. Blame them. And people like them. Not us on this one.

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