The BBC continues its ineptitude by losing 36 million pounds?

June 3, 2008


In the scheme of things I suppose that 36 million is not a great deal of money. A small bonus to a wealthy banker, an average footballer. You probably couldn’t get hold of a decent powerboat for that so for the BBC to go 36 million pounds over budget isn’t such a big deal is it? On a website? Yes, cost a staggering £110 in the 2007/8 financial year. Not bad going. Only they were apparently not strictly meant to spend that much cash. The budget was only £72 million with a buffer, if you like, of the base plus 10 percentiles, giving a lottery busting £81.6 million. So where did the extra wongar get blown? And who is responsible for such gargantuan over spending?

Maybe it got spent on some quality broadcasting on the television? You know, TV, what the BBC used to do so well before they sold Neighbours to Channel 5. On a thorough inspection of the TV listings, its still just a pile of crap with the odd token quality program slipped in. They channels still stop broadcasting at 11pm as unemployed people don’t watch the BBC. It still shows contemptible American trash through the day, boring antique and local news shows in early evening, reality drivel late evenings and 13 year old Hollywood “blockbusters at night. So no, the extra money didn’t get spent there.

Taketheblame couldn’t find the story on the BBC website, the extra 36 million obviously doesn’t accommodate news that close to home. Don’t shit where you eat or something. All we could find was some quality journalism/research on biscuits and how different varieties can influence the outcome of a business meeting.

But still no money.  The BBC trust which carried out the report and found the over spend came out and said that the extra money was infact.

“was not overspend, but the misallocation of £24.9 million in overheads and costs to other budgets within the BBC, representing poor financial accountability”;

Hmm.. so poor accountability? But who do we hold accountable? Have they been fired, reprimanded, sent to prison? Someone must have done the accounts? Maybe they just gave it all to Jonathan Ross? Who knows. Liberal Democrat Shadow Culture, Media and Sport Secretary, Don Foster said, on hearing of the report,

“This report is a damning indictment of the management of Future investment will only take place if accountability is increased. Not only has the BBC lost track of a phenomenal sum of money, but this mismanagement will now directly impact on the future development of this popular service.”

So we all agree? So who is to blame? Anyone? TaketheBlame will shoulder this heavy financial burden, it is obviously us who are to blame. Its probably under the cushions on the sofa.

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