Russia Blames America for state of the world economic markets shock

June 8, 2008

Russian not Soviet Flag

America and Russia have long been at loggerheads with each other, nothing new there. Every now and again their huge political and PR juggernauts try and convince a skeptical world that their relationship is not how it used to be, that the Cold War is a distant memory and political channels are clearer than they ever used to be; that diplomats merrily lunch together on opposite sides of the Atlantic, tea in Moscow, dinner in Philadelphia and a nice chat on nuclear war over brunch in Washington. Papers cite “friendship and mutual admiration”. Gone are the days of mutually assured destruction. No mention of the NKVD, espionage and counter-intelligence, Laventry Beria or The KGB.

That in October 1962 these two great nations came close to blowing up the world is neither here nor there, just two old friends falling out over one too many ales. Of course this is completement faux and they are still blaming and cursing each other for every misdemeanour under the sun. The US is still permanently ribbing the former Soviet superpower with tales of a new Star Wars project it probably actually finished years ago, in Poland. Russia is blaming America for global warming, the spread of terrorism, Internet fraud, Iran, Iraq, Chechnya and China’s continuing stampede to the top. (Whoever the new president is, perhaps there main focus is to prolong this inevitability as long as possible? – ed). No, there is no love and the blame game is stilll very active.

Just this week Russian president Dmitry Medvedev blamed America for the blossoming global financial crisis and in a encouraging bout of modesty, said that Russia, especially Moscow’s growing financial clout, could be the solution. We at Taketheblame like it, a combination of blame and cure. President Medvedev told the St Petersburg Economic Forum that,

“Failure by the biggest financial firms in the world to adequately take risk into account, coupled with the aggressive financial policies of the biggest economy in the world, have led not only to corporate losses but most people in the world are poorer.

Comparing the current crisis to that of the 1930s, President Medvedev also said that, “No matter how big the American market and no matter how strong the American financial system, they are incapable of substituting for global commodity and financial markets“.

A stinging attack and blame pointing at its best. We love it.

Currently basking in its 10th year of economic growth due mainly to it’s soaring cost of its oil and gas exports, the president suggested that investment by cash-rich Russian companies abroad, promotion of Moscow as a major financial centre and use of the rouble as a reserve currency were part of the answer to the current financial problem that Russia wholeheartedly blames America for.

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One Response to Russia Blames America for state of the world economic markets shock

  1. The LT on May 26, 2012 at 8:53 pm

    For once, the good old Ruskies are totally right. The US is to blame for the currect financial crisis and especially for the second financial crisis in Europe (and thus the 2nd global crisis). By influencing credit raters like Moody’s, Standard & Poors etc. to downgrade Euro countries and try to attempt a downfall of the European Union/Eurozone, they’re trying to bring down their biggest competitor in the global money business. While several countries with a much better economy compared to that of the US (which is completely in shambles and still a trillion plus in debt) have been downgraded from their triple A status, the US still has theirs. Yes, for once Russia is right.

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