Round of drinks now costs $500,000

June 13, 2008

David Li, a 32 year old billionaire from Shanghai who made his fortune when he sold his Internet company last year, visited the Na-pa Valley in California to buy some wine for his Sunday dinner last week. Obviously being a billionaire, money is not an object and seeing as though he already has over 100 thousand bottles of wine in his cellar, it probably wasn’t going to be like a regular trip to Bargain Booze for a bottle of rosé. And indeed it wasn’t. His purchase pushed up the price for the average bottle of French Bordeaux, that would have Jilly Gouldings taste buds trying to vacate her throat, by around £3000. Taketheblame would like to offer their apologies to the wine drinking community at large.

On 6 bottles of 1992 Screaming Eagle, a world renowned Cabernet Sauvignon, Mr Li spent $500,000. Or nearly 100 grand a bottle. According to the gospel of sommeliers the world over, only 125 cases of the vintage wine were ever made. Which seems like quite a lot. I mean, its not that rare if over 100 cases were created. There are less Pandas and White Tigers than that. On a panda to white tiger ratio it’s almost a can of Stella. After the showdown Mr Li was heard to say,

“I love Screaming Eagle. It’s the best wine in the world.”

Should hope so for that price. Wouldn’t want him to go out and spend half a million on a wine he wasn’t that keen on. For those that will never get the opportunity to taste such a drink – and lets be honest, who would be able to taste the difference anyway if your drinking it down with a chilli clocking 3 million scovilles – then look to wine guru Robert Parker who gave the vintage 99 out of his magic 100 scale and probably didn’t have to fork out half a million to do so.

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