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June 23, 2008

This is a box of Spam. It is not an email of zero interest promising you a bigger penis or a box of viagra

A little over 6o years ago a group of men from Manchester, England, produced what is widely conceived as the first computer in the guise we know it today: that of fixed memory which can store a program. Using just 128 bytes of memory, weighing over a tonne and taking up a whole room, it calculated the highest factor of a number. Known as ‘Baby’, it differed from the American ENIAC and Colossus in that it didn’t require – sometimes days in the aforementioned models – re-wiring every time a new calculation needed to be carried out. It is a far cry from today, the age of instant communication gratification.

In the time you read that first paragraph, nigh on 100 million electronic messages upped and left their respective outboxes. Within them were stored the thoughts, feelings, aspirations and desires of the multitudes. Hearts were broken and marriages ruined. The dirtiest secrets were revealed in a myriad of confessions, the innocent and guilty parties left to rue the night before. The most powerful men and women on Earth decided the fate of thousands and saved the life’s of countless others; business men and women divulged the keys to a fortune and lost as much again as the markets surged. Across the globe the days business is dissected, old plans resurrected and future plans lamented. Not bad for one minute in time.

Sadly for every 1 of those eventful emails, 9 polar opposites are sent and received. Of the 1 billion and growing emails that are sent every year, 90% are of absolutely no use. They are spam, and nobody seems to apologise. It is a glaring omission on someones behalf that they did not see it coming. A glance in any single inbox you care to mention will hold material that would, without hesitation, get you publicly killed in some countries on earth, sent to prison in others, flogged in yet others and castrated in the ones not mentioned. So why is it allowed in ours? Why is nothing concrete done and whose fault is it? What can be done? You turn on the spam filter and it either ignores all the spam or simply takes every email you receive and disposes of it.

Taketheblame™ has learnt that 57% of the junk that drowns your inbox originates in the good ol’ US, a further 16% emanates from South Korea, the remainder from the other 4 corners of the globe. Free Viagra, low interest loans, extra income, free money from Nigeria and free degrees from prestigious universities all figure heavily in the most detested spam. This is a family site so we can’t go into too much detail, but it is the XXX sites, the blatant pornographic advertising that makes it so surprising that governments, police agencies, IT companies and Internet watchdogs do not stand up and make a difference. The malicious brainwashing and corruption of our youth is surely excuse enough to free our inboxes? Until such action is taken, Taketheblame™ is here to act as your spam filter.

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