Remake the remake – films continue to be harvested

June 29, 2008

“Have you seen…’insert any film title here’?”

“Do you mean the original or the remake?”

Everybody has had this conversation and sadly in the years to come you are going to have it every-time you talk to anybody about your favourite film, or indeed, any film. Such is the appetite of film producers to rape the archives and simply remake a film that has already been created, written and acted out before, that one day every film conceived will have its own doppelganger. Taketheblame would like to apologise for this most uncinematic of developments.

If the first time is always the most memorable, then why repeat the exercise in a futile attempt to recapture the essence of the original experience? The reasons why the cinemas are flooded with recycled films are obvious, and they are creative, that is why all remakes are so much better than their predecessors… hold on, no they aren’t, must be money. There is a serious advantage to the tried and tested. If a film, such as Robocop, was hugely successful 20 years ago then there is a high chance that the first weekend of general release will see the film recoup its cost. That it is a shit is inconsequential.

The Ring, a Japanese film of immense imagination and genuine fear was remade into an American fiasco with none of the soul, flair or originality of the original. The same was true of the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, a film so powerful in its brutality that is should not have been touched. Continuing on the horror theme, for they seem to be butchered as much as any other genre, The Amityville Horror was robbed of its demonic core in the 2005 remake and Assault on Precinct 13 was a disaster in itself. That Hitchcock’s ornithological masterpiece The Birds is set for a remake is treason, the outcome potentially as scary as the 2005 remake of Black Christmas.

The Fog, The Fly, The Great Gatsby, The Hitcher, The Hills Have Eyes and The Importance of Being Earnest. The Italian Job, Ladykillers, The Music Man, The Mummy and Friday 13th. They have all had their power, influence and enjoyment taken from them in the pursuit of box office figures, and we are sorry.

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