People are rude; Politeness has evaporated. We take the blame.

March 12, 2011

People are rude. We all know that. Every day city dwellers are forced to put up with one incident after another of pure, unadulterated, wreck-less rudeness. It is time that something out there changed; it’s time that someone took a big hot poker and instilled some manners in the masses. If it has to be forcefully injected, then so be it. Sometimes subtlety doesn’t work and the only course of action is to actively remonstrate and then use violence. Rudeness be gone.

Levels of rudeness vary. At the root level there is the door phenomenon. The single, easiest act of politeness that can be bestowed on a person by another is to hold a door. Obviously society moves too fast for grandiose manifestations of door holding. Gone are the days of chivalry where a single person could wait an entire episode of casualty for someone to arrive so they could hold the door for them. But when entering a shop it is polite to glance behind, weigh up the distance between the next person and the door and make a mathematically sound judgement on whether or not the door should be held. And then hold it. People don’t anymore and we would like to take the blame for it. Not only are doors not held but they are, at times, slammed in your face. If this has happened to you. Sorry.

There are acts of physical politeness which have died and there are lyrical ones. A please. A thankyou. A you’re welcome. An excuse me. A sorry. The politeness that used to ring out across shop floors, cinema gangways and car parking through-fares has been replaced by a chorus of expletives; the language of the garden has been replaced by the curse words of a filthy, rude accumulation of discourteous cretins. We want the politeness back. If you have suffered at the hands of such behaviour, we apologise. If you feel you missed a few simple words of gratitude in response to something you said or did; if they were never forthcoming, we take the blame.

Little old grannies have earned the right to sit down on a bus if they so wish. Goddamn it, even if they don’t so wish. They should be forced to sit down and take the weight off of their 80-year old legs. That could mean that you have to move your over-weight, levi-glad derriere and let your legs take your weight. If it does, do it. For all the senior citizens who have been forced to stand because a disrespectful youth, most probably listening to insanely bad r n’ b through phone speakers, didn’t even entertain the idea of giving your their seat. We take the blame.

Stolen car park spaces. Small nods or a wave when a car lets you out. Keeping right on the escalator. Not jumping in queues. The small things that are so easy to cure should not be clouding your day. We apologise for the rudeness.

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2 Responses to People are rude; Politeness has evaporated. We take the blame.

  1. Earlie on March 14, 2011 at 9:57 pm

    I like your brutal frankness and i appreciate your being true to what you feel. Although there are still kind and very sensitive people around who can lighten up your day.

  2. thechef on April 3, 2011 at 4:20 pm

    It is true, there are still kind, polite, nice people in the world. Thank god for them

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