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April 4, 2011

Fresh off the entrails of the biggest and most accessible search engine in the galaxy comes the breaking blame of the day. The news wires are awash with people blaming other people, objects, animals and US government tests for all manner of inept behaviour. Here are a few of the best from today.

Are possible secret government tests to blame for the wailing, rambling, bumbling, gibberish reports coming out of parts of Canada and America? Check the video and make up your own mind.

“The idea of the U.S. military disrupting the evening news to test out its secret ray-guns sounds like the far-fetched imaginings of the most paranoid.”

Cricket. Say the word to a European and they will have you down as having been exposed to the ray guns which caused the gibberish spouted by the news reporters in the above story. Say it to the 1 billion Indians who watched the world cup final on Saturday and they will love you. As it is, India won the final. Muttiah Muralithian, Sri Lankan freak spin bowler and losing finalist, takes the blame.

Condoms are in short supply and the UN blames the high price of rubber.

“UNFPA pays three dollars for 144 condoms”

Job suicide as Universities Minister David Willets blames Feminism for lack of jobs for working class men.

“because women who would otherwise have been housewives had taken university places and well-paid jobs that could have gone to ambitious working-class men”

London is polluted. The air is acrid and the stench of burning plastic floats dreamily through the parks. The air is thick with an eerie brown/green pollution. Obviously it is Europes fault. London blames Europe for its continued failure to reach air quality limits.

“air pollution knows no borders and it may well be that air pollution from continental Europe is transported to the U.K”

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