15-month toddler given apple margarita in American restaurant. Would have failed breathalyser.

April 11, 2011

Ineptitude comes to the restaurants of America as a Michigan chain restaurant Applebee’s gives a 15-month old child who requested apple juice a margarita instead. If only such things would happen to the adults of this world.

A Friday afternoon stop at the Applebee’s restaurant turned into a drunken, terrifying ordeal for Taylor Dill-Reese when an innocent request for a kids meal resulted in the apple juice she chose being accidentally replaced with margarita. Dominic, her 15-month old son, was soon talking to the walls.

“He was saying “hi” and “bye” to the walls and he eventually lay his head down on the table.” said Mrs Dill-Reese.


Soon after the talking stopped  Dominic refused to eat. Something was a-foot and not knowing where the strange behaviour stemmed from, Miss Dill-Reese tried her sons drink and was shocked to discover alcohol lurking within. Incensed, worried and angry she rushed her son off to hospital where his alcohol levels were recorded at .10. Enough to fail an adult breathalyser test. Doctors went on to add that if little Dominic had drank the whole drink, he could have died. Thankfully he made a complete and full recovery.

Ineptitude is rife. Do not let it enter your life. Be on guard; even when you think you are safe people will accidentally give your baby alcohol. We highlight this case because margaritas are not for children.

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