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April 13, 2011

More Breaking Blame™ today as the news wires go completely berzerk with Blame. Fingers are pointing quicker than the price change of petroleum on the Trucking Info website. Tongues are wagging, the nails are out, the hair is being pulled; there is a bitch fight and mud is flying. So who is blaming who today?

12-year old mums you say? Whatever next? In Australia a girl of said age, living under state-care fell pregnant. Under state-care? 12? The state is not to blame according to Victorian Premier Ted Baillieu.

“Victorians would be disappointed but I don’t think you can attribute this to any actions of the Government,” he said in Melbourne today.”There has been a failure of the system as such, it clearly took place a long time ago

In India the planes are running but the pilots are being blamed for flying when they shouldn’t have been. The story is complicated but essentially 6 planes took off from Dabolim airport on Monday when the airports PAPI air safety system was turned off. What is a PAPI air safety system? Who knows, read the article below. From what we can gather, it is a landing aid which helps pilots land planes. Some fear inducing comments for those scared of flying follow.

“During poor visibility conditions even the most experienced pilot will not get a correct perception of a safe three degree descent angle. Weather can change and visibility can fall any time,” said a senior commander. “Under conditions of fatigue, when a pilot has done three to four landings before arriving in Goa, even the most competent pilot could misjudge the safe descent angle onto the runway,”

Football is a game. Liverpool kicked balls at Manchester. Liverpool kicked more balls at Manchester. Manchester lost. Their manager Robertooooooo Mancini takes the blame.

I am disappointed with myself because I made a mistake. It was my fault

Kirstey Alley’s – the bar lady from Cheers – shoe fell of on a dancing television show. She blames Petra Nemcova in a weird dancing on ice conspiracy theory that Mulder from the X-files will most definitely be investigating.

“other girls came into my dressing room and tampered with my shoe. And I’m not going to name any names … Petra [Nemcova]“

Saving the best for last, the Big Guns are out. Donald Trump is going apeshape as he blames President Obama for the soaring cost of oil. He waxes lyrical about never being able to recover and Life blood of this country and in bed with these people and ripping off our country and when was the last time you saw a bridge being built in this country? He Blames Obama for his high petrol prices. And yours. Is he right?

“When was the last time you saw a bridge being built in the United States? You see them falling down all the time. When was the last time you saw an airport being built? We’re like a third-world country.”

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