The US Postal Service forgets New York and Uses the Las Vegan Statue of Liberty on, oh, lets say, 3 BILLION, stamps

April 18, 2011

Three billion first class stamps bearing the iconic gaze of the Statue of Liberty have been printed by the US Postal Service. Unfortunately there is one glaring problem; one searing piece of ineptitude that would have left a bitter taste in the ladys’ mouth and should leave most New Yorkers seething: It isn’t the real Statue of Liberty but her less attractive, more slutty Las Vegan replica. Yes, the US Postal Service tried to immortalise the Iron Giant by ignoring her weathered face and using the air-brushed, fake-tanned, plastic-surgeoned, lypo-suctioned, younger – they are always younger – sister. Inept.

The glaring Take The Blame™  finger of ineptitude is pointing straight at the USPS but they bear the scars only of regret, not sorrow.

“We still love the stamp design and would have selected this photograph anyway,” Roy Betts, a post office spokesman, told the New York Times.

Perhaps forgoing the original for a better looking replica is quite poetic in the land where callus, unnecessary facial alterations are gobbled up like nachos at a Mexican Barbecue but it’s a smack in the face to what she represents and a middle-finger salute to those who live under her watch. If you are going to sell your commemorative stamps to an unsuspecting nation and feel that three billion of the little fellas is a nice round number, at least have the decency to use the original symbol you are trying to commemorate. We take the blame.


A little bit of history goes a long way, especially in a country which Europeans would claim lacks it, so here is a slice. Where did she come from? The Statue of Liberty we mean. She’s European. By Jove, She’s French. Back before the time of surrendering monkeys and trans-Atlantic hate mongering, the French and the Americans used to be best of chums. Indeed, without the French, the American war against the British might not have ended the way it did. Perhaps it needs to be said that the hatred the French had for the British could well have been instrumental in the French-American love affair. ‘If we can’t beat the English ourselves, lets help someone else have a go‘ might well have been their mantra.

One hundred years after American Independence, a group of French toffs were sitting around a table, drinking mighty fine red wine, getting hammered and discussing the French model of freedom and how it was so similar in philosophy to the new American one. They decided to build a big iron woman as a present and sent it over to New York.


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