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May 23, 2011

Apparently Rikers Island prison, where Dominique Strauss-Kahn spent a few days last week, has bad food. This is according to a French Lawyer who obviously puts food above male shower rape, drug abuse, violence, self-mutilation, starving prisoners, corruption and God knows what else which goes on behind the locked iron doors of one of the most feared prisons in America. “Oh, they don’t have a nice foie gras over at Rikers you know. Its not like the French prisons where prisoners get gourmet food on a platter even if they butchered their own family.” He probably didnt say.

We Like mugshots or lock up your daughters.

At the moment there is no blame and finger pointing coming out of the DSK DSK DSK DSK (chanted venomously to the same tune as USA USA USA USA in some parts of France) camp at the moment so we will hi-jack an American journal and tell you what they think. They think the French are blaming the Americans. We don’t know, but the quarrelling is always worth a gander.

today, thanks to Strauss-Kahn, the French who choose to criticize the US have a fresh reason to shake their heads and point fingers at the country they love to hate

If you’re French or American, let us know what you think about the whole sordid DSK affair.


Oh David Milliband. Sometimes he just can’t let sleeping dogs die, or lie. Or, he cant cook a goose with 2 stones in a glass house. Whatever melange of idioms you want to use, he has been having a pop at Tony Blair (again) over the Iraq War. He blames big T for the chaos that the invasion caused. Whilst sporting cliche rap hand gestures, he pointed the finger.

I am afraid the failure of the Western forces to develop a proper strategy for peace, not a strategy for war, has held back the country


The Apprentice. Its a TV show. People watch it. It’s probably crap but we are not here to take the blame for that. We are here to let the latest Muppet to be fired point some blame for why he was fired. Its a cracker. Latest loser Gavin Winstanley blames the Yellow Pages for his teams complete ineptitude. That’s right. A phonebook. He blames a phonebook. This is after going into a dry-cleaners to ask for a top-hat. (riveting TV.) Genius this one. Anyway, his team were given a task and they failed, according to Gavin, because he is from Liverpool and there is only one Yellow Pages in Liverpool but in London they have many. Jesus. He didn’t realise this.

I’m from Liverpool and we only have one Yellow Pages in Liverpool,’I’ve never known any different. So when it came to looking for all these businesses, I just assumed we were looking at the same one.

Would you hire him?


Other blame

Are humans to blame for Whales beaching themselves?

Google blocks android movie rental. Blames DRM. Whatever the fuck that is.

People have stopped buying houses. Is the weather to blame? Probably not. But some people think it might be.

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