Underage drinker gets drunk, crashes into a police car and head-butts an officer. Blames bar for selling him alcohol.

May 24, 2011

Driving under the influence, aggravated assault, refusing an alcohol test, resisting arrest, evading arrest, underage drinking, having no insurance, and violation of the vehicle registration law. Quite a rap sheet and some way to end an evening of quite drinking in a bar. This is exactly how it ended for drunk, 19-year old Zachary Hunter Szela from Cookeville Tennessee.

After a few rounds of liquor, probably a few beers, a few games of pool and maybe some darts, it was time for the fun to start. Little Zach headed outside, pissed as a fart, climbed behind the wheel of Jeep wrangler and went ape shit. Accelerating way past the limit and jumping red lights as he hound down mainstreet, it was only a matter of time before he raised the attention of the local police. Step forward police officer Josh Ward who caught sight of Mr Szela running a red light.

Zach was driving so fast that the latest high-speed pursuit police cars were drafted in

The chase was on. It didn’t last long. Officer Ward soon caught up with the drunk criminal who was in no mood for quick surrender. When confronted with the long arm of the law and the drawn gun, the drunk teenager decided to drive around in circles in someones back yard. Just quite why he thought this was a good idea was not in any police reports.

The man “reversed westbound on Seventh Street and into the back yard of 738 N. Jefferson and traveled in circles in the yard approximately three times

This was no ordinary criminal. Eventually the pursued ditched his car and tried his escape legs. Obviously being leathered, he wasn’t very good at that either and was soon tackled by officer Ward. This time Americas finest was met with a cruiser-weight headbutt. Undeterred, Mr Ward continued his attempted arrest and eventually got the cuffs on Mr Szela. Drunk, steaming and stinking of booze, the culprit denied all blame and pointed the finger at the bar he had been drinking in.

that this whole ordeal was not his fault, He reasoned that it was Rodeo Bob’s fault due to the fact that he was drinking alcohol in that establishment while under age.”

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