Is this BigFoot? Or a man dressed like a big, hairy monkey. New Faked Footage emerges.

May 30, 2011

The Latest sighting of Big foot causes even less of a stir than the previous

You would think that people would have stopped trying to convince the world that Bigfoot exists by now. Out of focus, grainy and badly filmed footage used to be mildly believable; now it is just grainy, out of focus footage which needs better editing. But no. The Bigfoot hoax is still alive and very much amongst us, as the latest footage to emerge from the natural Bigfoot habitat, America, shows. If you look really, really, really closely, don’t squint and concentrate all of your perceptive powers on the picture and the grainy, iPhone footage, you will clearly see that it is a superimposed man dressed in a gorilla outfit walking along a floor which isn’t even there.

The above footage was shot by a Washington woman whilst out (and we use this term very loosely) hiking with friends in the Downriver Park along the Spokane River. It is a novel take on the Bigfoot hoax video in so far as the hikers appear to not notice the superimposed man Bigfoot as he appears to walk across a floor and later put into the video swing through trees in the background.

There is so much wrong with the latest Bigfoot sighting the ineptitude is almost tangible. Hikers you say? Just how far from the beaten track does Bigfoot live these days? At least in the most famous footage of Bigfoot (where he iconically walks along the edge of a river) there is a hint of wilderness; the possibility of a believable habitat exists. Just maybe there really is an ancient man-like creature living wild in the Appalachian mountains, miles from civilisation. Here, the car-park is barely out of view. Maybe Bigfoot has become brave and doesn’t fear Man anymore. He has been trying to give himself up for nearly 50 years and is getting anxious to get some zoo time and so in a brazen attempt to be found he ventures into Washington car parks.

Hikers? They are not following a path. The boy has a gait and is holding his arms like a bored teenager who evidently doesn’t want to be there and was forced into it by pushy directors. He hasn’t entered into the spirit of things by even remotely trying to look like a hiker. He has jeans and a t-shirt on.

Famous Bigfoots throughout history

The Sasquatch, when he makes his grand appearance, appears to slide into the frame on a floor which isn’t there. Unless Bigfoot can actually levitate these days, something decidedly odd is Afoot. Whats he walking on? Is he swinging in a Tarzan-esque fashion? Is he harnessing the power of the forest to aide his silent movement through the forest canopy? Or is he a superimposed man?

Would it be really that difficult to at least make a semi-believeable hoax video of Bigfoot? We would like to highlight, not the idea, but the sheer ineptitude of what is a truely bad attempt at a Bigfoot hoax video.

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