Cucumber-Gate. Spain refutes blame as attack of the killer cucumbers continues.

June 1, 2011

The economice fall-out from the cucumber deaths sweeping across Europe is costing Spain upwards of 200 million dollars a week as the country seeks to refute blame for the outbreak. As the number of deaths and people infected continues to grow, the largest part of the Iberian Peninsula is engaged in a war of words with Germany as Europe teeters on the edge of a blame war.

Just who or what is to blame for the mysterious cucumber deaths?

The Spanish agriculture minister Rosa Aguilar has pointed the finger at Germany, saying they had identified Spanish cucumbers without reliable data. The Germans have now gone so far as to say that they harbour doubts as to whether the Spanish cucumbers under investigation even harbour the E.coli strain. All the while salad paranoia is cascading through the supermarket aisles of Europe as cucumbers, tomatoes and lettuce are left to rot on the shelves. Sales of meat, dairy products, lentils and pasta are reaping the rewards as healthy food is put aside in favour of life. The death toll has now risen to (depending on sources) around 16 with deaths now being reported in Sweden as well as Germany.

As fears that the outbreak is far from over, not at all contained and predicted to get worse before it gets better, fingers are wagging across traditional European borders as the blame game continues afoot. Spain is obviously extremely narked that they have been labelled as the source without any definitive proof. Consequently Rosa Aguilar, Spanish agriculture minister has laid into Germany.

“We are disappointed by the way Germany handles the situation. We want Germany to provide, without any delay and distractions, the necessary information of its investigation so that the European Union can know what is causing the E. coli outbreak”

Spain, along with Holland, are calling for financial compensation after the event. Compensation that could run into the billions of euros. Spanish Health Minister Leire Pajin has been discussing the scandal via Twitter.

In the absence of proof. we’re not ruling out using all necessary measures to make sure there’s compensation for the (economic) damage,” she wrote. “From the first day, the government launched a diplomatic offensive to prevent the linking of this health crisis with our products.”

Germany, in a bid to back up its original claims that Spain is the root of the problem, has launched a verbal counter attack. Hamburg (the hardest hit city in this outbreak) state health minister Cornelia Pruefer-Storcks launched a valid defence.

“It would have been irresponsible with this number of ill people to keep quiet about a well-grounded suspicion (Spain). Protecting people’s lives is more important than economic interests.”

A lovers tiff or something more serious?

Germany blames Spain, Spain is on the defensive, Holland and Sweden are on the wings and could well make intervene with their own suspicions if the situation doesn’t clear up. The UK is yet to enter the ring but continued illness could force their hand. The Swiss will no doubt remain neutral and Austria and Belgium will hide behind the big guns. The European Union is not united at this time.

Another thing that is being overlooked here is if Spain is discovered to be innocent and not the root of the E.coli outbreak, then just who the hell is?

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