Google Blame China for Hacking US official emails. Rest of the World say ‘You don’t say’

June 2, 2011

Like love struck teenagers, Google and China are at it again.

In a very unsurprising piece of news, Google has blamed The Chinese for the hacking of online email accounts belonging to US officials. China, never one to admit to their wrong doings, has remained quiet and is perhaps considering kidnapping in retaliation to the blame.

That the Chinese are involved in underhand Internet espionage is about as surprising as a French politician being involved in a under the table extra marital affair, that is, not surprising in the slightest. What is surprising, or at least marginally more interesting, is that high level US official are using their online Gmail to store and send what, one assumes, is pretty important information. Next they will be posting photos of the Christmas party on their Facebook accounts. It’s inept, careless and downright ridiculous. Do these people not have a special, secure system for transmitting information? or at least someone upstairs to say, “you know what, online email isn’t the best way to send top secret information linked to national security.”

Obviously China are not the most open when it comes to discussing the Internet and Google have been known to partake in their own version of affairs over time, so getting accurate information about what has actually been hacked is as easy as obtaining a tourist Visa for North Korea. And about as welcome. What is known is that the accounts involved were connected to US political and military officials. Arnie and The Big Man perhaps? anyone?

Google have said that there is no immediate problem with Gmail itself and that the accounts would have had their passwords and user names taken by the guilty hacking party. In reality, hacking is probably an over elaborate word for this affair and all the Chinese really did was guess a few passwords.

“Google detected and has disrupted this campaign to take users’ passwords and monitor their emails. We have notified victims and secured their accounts. In addition, we have notified relevant government authorities.”

Well that’s alright then.

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