Obama blames unemployment on Automation. ATM machines to blame then?

June 15, 2011

Skynet will be happy. John Connor will be making an appearance any day now. The machines are coming; the robot wars will soon be upon us and the future for mankind is a bleak, ravaged, post-apocalyptic one. Automation is everywhere and people are becoming obsolete as the machines take the jobs. Well, at least as far as US president Barack Obama is concerned. In his latest interview with NBC news, the under-fire president blames ATM machines for ransacking the jobs of bank tellers and kiosks at airports for plundering the jobs of check-in employees. Unemployment is rising and the machines are to blame.

Setting out his stall early (after a brief message on the Weiner affair. Obama thinks he should quit.) with a clear overview of the 2 million jobs the economy has created in the past 15 months, President Obama then goes on to highlight some “structural issues” with the faltering US economy. Apparently a lot more businesses are becoming a lot more efficient with a lot fewer workers. Now, normally this would be praised as being really rather good business sense. Less spending; more profit. The perfect business model. But alas no. In today’s world, increased efficiency means more automation. Machines are not slack, they get the job done and that is one of the reasons the US economy is not going forward at the rate is should, according to Mr. Obama. The President puts it bluntly. There are no jobs because the machines have them all. Hmmmm..

According to Obama, this thing is responsible for taking all the jobs. Evil ATM

Economic policies are not to blame then? Obviously the President, as some would have you believe, is not blaming the 14 million unemployment figures solely on ATM bank machines, but he is highlighting something which every Sovereign leader has had to deal with since the goddamn stone-age monks invented the wheel. Humans are lazy, apathetic, plodding, rude and look for any excuse to cut a corner. They need lunch breaks and cigarette breaks and holidays and sick days and weekends and sleep. They need to be paid and fed and tolerated and nurtured and managed. It’s why Henry Ford invented the assembly line to get the best out of his ailing workforce and its why the Japanese took this one step further and invented assembly line robots to bolster their automobile output and hasten their meteoric rise to economic power.  To blame automation now is a fruitless, inept affair which lacks imagination. Come on Barack, you can do better than that. Can’t you?

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