Playboy Bunny blames Hugh Heffners party lifestyle for wedding cancellation. Just a conicidence that her single was released the same day.

June 17, 2011

The universe is just one big fucking coincidence. Life is just a coincidence. The perfect levels of oxygen and hydrogen just happened to be in the same place at the same time, creating all living things on Earth, which itself came into being by chance. Coincidence has a lot to answer for. Including the release of Crystal Harris’s single on iTunes the same day she dumps Playboy icon Hugh Hefner, 5 days before they were scheduled to be married.

Coincidence? Of course. At least according to Crystal Harris who seems to be experiencing an unusual amount of publicity in the days following her change of heart. She blames the unusual lifestyle of the worlds most unusual man for changing her mind and cancelling their wedding.

This isn’t the lifestyle for me, multiple girls all around” is how she explained the breakup to  Ryan Seacrest. An unusual name in an unusual story.

Really? Hugh Hefner has lots of girlfriends? Get out of town.

Age is no barrier for Hugh Heffner.

Hugh Hefner is 354 and Cystal Harris is 25, there was always something unusual about the whole thing.

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