Free money. $25,000 lands in the lap of lucky Pittsburgh gambler. We Take the Blame™ for your losing streak.

June 22, 2011

When we put 50 machines in, I consider them 50 more mousetraps. You have to have a mousetrap to catch a mouse.

-Bob Stupak, former Las Vegas casino owner

It can be argued that man’s instinct to gamble is the only reason he is still not a monkey up in the trees.”

-Mario Puzo, Inside Las Vegas

Gotta whole lotta money, ready to burn.

Their are two sides to every coin and depending on your view point in regards to gambling, you are either heads or tails. But do you call? Well, if you are visiting The Rivers Casino in Pittsburgh then the answer should most probably be yes. Because even if you are not a gambler, $25,000 sounds a lot better than $12, wouldn’t you say?

Regulators in Pittsburgh have fined the Rivers Casino after one of its slot machines paid out $25,000 to the luckiest gambler in world. After hitting the right connection of glowing little fruit in the spinning bar thing which slot machines normally have, the sweet sound of a repetitive “k’ching k’ching” should have sounded twelve times. Instead it rang out twenty five thousand glorious times. Funnily enough it wasn’t the fortunate gambler who brought the payout mistake to the ever watching eyes of the casino. But somebody did and The Gaming Control Board don’t take winning lightly. The casino was put under investigation and ordered to pay a fine.

Who is to blame? The casino or the slot machine? Man or machine? And more importantly, why doesn’t this happen more often? Who are these lucky people who are in the right place when free money comes-a-knocking? They are the same people who happen to be walking past an ATM machine when it decides to go haywire and start ejaculating $100 bills into the street. It never happens to us. Who are these people? You read about it.

Bank machine goes mental, spews thousands into the air.”

lorry over turns on freeway, money spills on the road.”

inept bank robber leaves car window open. $10 million flies into the evening sky

Windfall arrives to small Idaho town after tornado sucks up $1 million and drops it in lucky old lady’s garden

It never happens to you does it? We would like to Take the Blame™ for all the times you were not next to a cash machines as it malfunctioned. All the times the fruit machine kept your money. All the times you went into a casino and didn’t have a drunk croupier or a malfunctioning fruit machine that insisted on paying you even when you lost. For all the times you didn’t have a long lost relative who died leaving you $12 million in her will because when you were 6 you picked up her newspaper and she went senile and remembered this moment of pure generosity and decided that you and her cat were the only sane recipients of her $23 million fortune and didn’t leave a penny to her vicious, conniving family.

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