Maradona Blames coach Batista as Argentina crash out early from the Copa America. Also, hookers, cocaine and stomach staples.

July 20, 2011

Before we begin, spot quiz. Do you know which football team Diego Amando Maradona, World Cup winner, Golden Ball winner, Golden boot winner, UEFA cup winner, Italian cup winner, Spanish cup winner, Spanish league cup winner, double Italian championship winner, 5-time South American player of the year currently manages? Any guesses? Well let us tell you. It’s Al Wasl. You know who they are? Al Wasl?  Because we at Take The Blame™ sure has hell don’t. It’s like Pele playing for Scunthorpe.

Spot the difference.

After being, arguably, the best football player to ever grace Terra firma, things took a turn for the worse for Señor Maradona. It must be difficult to acclimatise to life without the beautiful game when you are the most gifted and beautiful player of it, but some people adapt better than others. But we will come to that. First lets fast forward to the present day and the 2011 Copa America and Argentina’s calamitous early quarter final loss, on penalties, to Uruguay. Because there is a blame game afoot. And we like the Blame.

The blame is simple enough but might need a splash of history for the uninitiated out there. Until Argentina’s early, catastrophic knockout at the 2010 World Cup, Maradona was the coach. He resigned. Now, as yet again, Argentina crash out early, he is pointing the finger squarely at coach Batista and head of the AFA, Julio Grondona.

In regard to Batista, whom Maradona played along side during the 1986 World Cup, he said that,

If I had only beaten Costa Rica, I would have gone of my own accord“. And if Batista didn’t like the media pressure that goes hand-in-hand with job, he should “cross the border to Uruguay where nobody would recognise him.”

However, Maradona kept his choicest words for continual headache, AFA president Julio Grondona, whom Maradona had continued run-ins with during his tenure as coach.

What is happening right now is not the fault of the players. Julio Grondona is doing just what he likes“.


So there you go. But before we leave, no story about Maradona would be complete without the barren years. The nutty, crazy, gun-toting, drug-taking, wildchild megalomaniac years. The years that famously ended with a blown up, over weight Maradona taking pop shots at journalists with an air rifle from behind the gates of his mafia mansion. Stories of hookers and cocaine and stomach stapling are too good to be untrue and too surreal to be ignored. A stomach stapled fat man who used to be the greatest football player in the world shooting people. It is a tale so priceless, so ludicrous, that the only possible outcome would be the anti-villian leading the national side in a World Cup.  A failed hero becomes monster becomes hero.

The Argentinians love hm because he bought them the world. The world love him because he is a raving lunatic. Lets hope he brings a story to the Gulf  state of the UAE, where, for 3.5 million euros and a private jet to do with what he pleases, the next chapter in the Diego Amando Maradona story will be told. Lets pray for madness.

Are you feeling lucky punk? Maradona takes target practice at the local journalists.

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