Murdoch in the dock. Rupert Murdoch not to blame for on-going News Corporation phone hacking scandal

July 20, 2011

As the fallout from the News of The World phone hacking scandal continues to shake the foundations of the British tabloid press, Rupert Murdoch, and son and heir apparent James Murdoch, deny that they and News Corporation are to blame. Instead he lays the blame at the feet of people “he trusted” at The News of The World.

Rupert Murdoch in the murDOCK

For a generation the thorn or the silk of many a faltering politician, yesterday Rupert Murdoch looked a tired, old man as he answered questions form a UK parliamentary hearing on the phone hacking scandal that has so far left a newspaper out of print, five resignations, nine arrests, two jail sentences and one dead journalist.

As a bewildered public try and connect the many ins and outs of a lurid, dirty, corrupt scandal, Murdoch senior appeared to be doing the same thing yesterday as he met questions with stunned silence, confused glares or monosyllabic responses. He barely even managed to bat an eyelid as he was attacked, with what appeared to be a custard pie, midway through proceedings. (As a point of notice, his wife was viper quick in landing a right hook on the assailant).  Either a mighty fine actor or pretty much completely oblivious to anything that had been going on under the News Corporation name.

During the proceedings Rupert Murdoch demonstrated his ignorance over what had been going on within the dirty, gutter press arm of his empire.

So who said what?

“If I can just say something – and this is not as an excuse, maybe it is an explanation of my laxity. “The News of the World is less than 1% of our company. I employ 53,000 people around the world, who are proud and great and ethical and distinguished people, professionals in their life. I am spread watching and appointing people whom I trust to run those divisions

Nobody kept me in the dark, I may have been lax in not asking, but [the News of the World] was such a tiny part of our business.”

I was absolutely shocked, appalled and ashamed when I heard about the Milly Dowler case two weeks ago

So who is to blame?

I feel that people I trusted, I’m not saying who, I don’t know what level, have let me down. I think they behaved disgracefully and betrayed the company, and me. It’s for them to pay. I think that, frankly, I’m the best person to clear this up

The people I trusted to run it and maybe the people they trusted.

Do you have anything to add?

I would like to say just how sorry I am and how sorry we are to particularly the victims of illegal voicemail interceptions and to their families.

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