Scotland incensed as referee devours European qualification. We take the blame™

September 2, 2011

Craig Levein and the Scotland football team have laid the blame squarely at the feet of the referee for their 2-2 draw in their European qualifier against the Czech Republic. An infuriated Levein had to watch on from the sidelines as the visiting Czechs were awarded a last minute penalty for what, to most eyes, was a big fat dollop of nothing. The referre saw something that nobody else did, had an attack of whistle epilepsy, blew up for a penalty, which, to use football terminology, was buried in the back of the net deeper than your Great-great grandmother. Speaking (carefully) to the BBC after the game, Manager Craig Levein had this to say.

I’ve got to be careful what I say. What I can say is that we lost the game not through anything we did wrong. I lay the blame on the referee’s shoulders. Two huge mistakes. Berra gets brought down and is booked for diving.”

Scotish Manager Craig Levein squeezes the puny head of the referee in his fist

The result leaves Scotland in a world of European football pain and facing a Summer of  listening to the aggravating, bothersome and vexatious nation south of the border as they battle fruitlessly to quarter final embarrassment.

European qualification comes automatically to the first team in each of the 9 groups fighting for a place in the finals in Ukraine/Poland next summer. The teams which struggle and fluke their way to second place then go into a mini knockout tournament where they have one more chance to cock things up or get on the plane.

The result in Scotland at the weekend sees the Scots 5 points behind the Czech Republic, thus languishing in third place and far from a qualification place. Had they held on at 2-1 then second place would have been a real possibility. Now it is a fantasy. At this juncture we should point out that World and European champions and current best team in the world by around 17 aeons are currently sitting pretty at the top of Scotland’s group with the best part of 254 points. That would be Spain to you and me. So La Furia Roja are taking first place. It’s a dog fight for second and Scotland have just taken a huge mauling.

So where do we fit in? “The referees a wanker”. So the song goes. But this is by-the-by, because wankers or not, one thing they dont ever do is accept liability after the event. Just ask Alex Fergueson, Arsene Wenger, José or any other football manager. From the top to the Sunday league bottom, the referee is to blame and they never take it. Take The Blame™ would like to apologise for all the Scotland fans whose 2012 looks a little bleaker thanks to the ludicruos decision of a man who really doesnt care about you or your team. We would also like to take the blame for a penalty that was never a penalty.

To make you feel slightly less wounded, you will always have Archie Gemill against Holland.

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