Man bites 4-foot python! Why? Why would you do that?

September 7, 2011

Sometimes nature throws up battles of gargantuan proportions. Once in a life time spectacles with enough power to energise a small Amish community. We are thinking mainly about a tiger-lion match up; the stuff dreams are made of. Occasionally such a match up happens and is caught on camera.

A step up from this is a 3-way battle between crocodiles, lions and buffalo. Obviously such a Battle Royale is going to leave the buffalo in seriously bad shape. You would think. Or maybe they turn the tables and take down the lions and the crocs?

On the flip side of this is mammoth human ineptitude. Like drunk American men biting pythons. Sadly this feet of utter stupidity is rarely, if ever caught on camera, but it does happen. 54 year old David Senk was arrested in Sacramento for doing just that. Some people get drunk and go bowling, David Senk gets drunk and bites snakes.

Officers were called to a Sacramento address after a drunk David Senk had been given permission to hold a pet snake and promptly took 2 bitefuls from it. The snake was left needing stitches and Mr Senk was left with snake blood all over his face and obviously in need of a girlfriend.

Sometimes alcohol makes you do the most stupid things.

When asked why he did it, the snake charmer replied,

I get drunk, I get crazy. I don’t know. I’ve been an alcoholic for a long time.”

Take the blame™ would like to apologise to the snake whose Friday night was interrupted by a massive chunk of ineptitude and to all the snake owners of the world who have to now be careful who they let hold their snake.

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