Welfare fraudster blames evil twin-sister in real life TV soap opera.

September 9, 2011

This tale of deceit, forgery and fraud could have been hand picked directly from the script writing pages of the Bold and the Beautiful or the Young and the Restless. A modern tale of corruption and welfare fraud is hardly news; it happens every waking minute in every benefit and welfare system in the western world, hell, its happening more than it isn’t – yes Mr Job centre, I have been loooking for a job all week but there just isnt anything in the pub job adverts – but when it is laced with the gloriously day-time television evil twin sister, then people sit up and take notice.

Should Janell Athalone-Afrika need a new job, then day time TV script writing awaits

Janell Athalone-Afrika was a normal woman earning $8.52 working for the Indiana Department of Education. Between 2002 and 2009 she claimed around $15,000 from the Childcare Development Fund – a fund setup to help poverty stricken families living below anything approaching a financially stable environment – to compensate for her unusually low income as a state worker. Only she wasn’t earning $8.52 an hour but double that: $16.43. So how did she convince the Childcare Development Fund that she was only earning $8?

Quite easily is the answer. Enter the ineptitude. What she did, according to court records produced by investigators into her case – 27 times in total – was simply walk into the office of her boss, take his signature stamp and voila. She just changed  it. How to instantly half your pay packet. In 8 years working at the Department of Education not one person noticed the huge difference in declared by Janell Athalone-Afrika. Not one person noticed the missing signature stamp. Not one person at the Childcare Development fund thought it worth checking the data. Her boss never noticed, never investigated, never thought. Not one person cottoned on. For 8 years. That is a lot of ineptitude. We would like to highlight it, and then take the blame for it.

Is this the good or evil twin? Only they really know.

So where does the evil twin sister come into all of this? Eventually, in 2010, the deed was unearthed and Janell Athalone-Afrika was fired and court proceedings commenced. In her defence came the evil twin sister who dastardly and cunningly stole her identity. Like a cheesy story from Santa Barbara when the evil twin comes sauntering in, gun in hand, angry at the good twins success and out to destroy their good name, Janell Athalone-Afrika used the best excuse in the book.

However you want to look at it, eventually the ineptitude stopped and the evil twin sister story wasnt believed in court, which judging by the preceeding 8 years, it could well have been.

It’s pretty clear we didn’t find any truth in the evil twin sister defense,” said Deputy Prosecutor Barb Trathen

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