Real Madrid Lose to Levante. Mourinho blames a trap.

September 19, 2011

Not ineptitude in his players

This bunch of zillionaires cant even beat Levante. Who are Levante? Exactly.

Not a bear trap. Not a mouse trap. Hell, he didn’t even blame a trap door. Jose Mourinho blamed a verbal trap for his Galatico megolith getting unstuck against tiny, minnow, microscopic, amoeba sized tadpole of a club Levante at the weekend. Real Madrid went down 1-0, losing their first game of the season and opening a blame game. Just why would such a unstoppable force of unimaginable riches come to a very quick and grinding halt against a such seemingly easy team?

The blame needs to be assigned to Real Madrid midfielder Sami Khedira who managed to get himself sent off, even after the team had studied similar games and installed jedi-mind tricks to not rise to the baiting of other players. In a news conference after the game, the Special one had some very insightful blames.

“The blame in my opinion lies with one of my players who was lured into a trap. They (the players) have to have enough intelligence to avoid situations like that and have a sense of whether the referee will allow it or not.”

The incident that Mourinho is referring to happened just before half time when Khedira, already nursing a yellow card, reacted like a cricket to a slight breeze – that is, completely over the top -  and pushed the Levante captain, Sergio Ballesteros, to the ground. It is unclear what Sergio said to the Real Madrid Galitico but was probably something along the lines of “youre a **** ****** ****** ******* **** **** ***** *****”.

The defeat leaves real Madrid 3 points lower down the league than they would be, had they won.

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