Take The Blame™ temporarily goes off-line. Ineptitude in the design department

September 19, 2011

Take the blame takes the blame for itself

This is something that the staff at Take The Blame™ never thought they would have to do. Point the finger at their own ineptitude.

Take the Blame™ was offline for over 5 days last week due to some highly inept Internet programming. The ineptitude resulted in visitors being shown a Fatal error message and not the usual Take the Blame™ toast logo and breaking news, blame and ineptitude. We would like to take the blame™ for our blinding ineptitude and offer an apology to all those that came to the site expecting something wonderful, something profound, something entertaining or something utterly disturbing.

Ineptitude even reaches the highest echelons of the Blame network. Early warnings were not heeded and subsequent flashing lights and imminent meltdown sirens ignored. The result was catastrophic.

In a bid to speed up the site and keep abreast of the ever-increasing level of media and news flooding into the site on a daily basis, a small piece of Internet housekeeping was called for. The only problem, according to our relatively inexperienced programming department, was that in actual fact, no housekeeping was required; the site was running smoothly, efficiently and at lightning speed.

The problem was rectified by some very astute Internet code writers who quickly got to the bottom of some very reckless ineptitude.

The entire Take the Blame foundations were put in jeopardy by our own doings. Sorry.

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