Japan blames China for Internet attacks

September 20, 2011

Japanese governmental computers hacked on the 80th anniversary of the Japanese Invasion of China

The Japanese blame the Chinese for a recent outbreak of computer hacking and espionage

Ah China. They must have the worst Internet hackers ever to write code. They just cannot seem to hack without being caught. Not a week goes idly past without a mega-corporation or Sovereign state bemoaning some Internet intrusion by the Worlds biggest toy manufacturer. If it is not China itself complaining of cyber espionage by the Chinese, then it is America. If not America then it is South Korea and if not Google then Yahoo. Twitter is hacked, Facebook is sent into privacy setting meltdown and confusion and little old Myspace is left enjoying the traffic that a bit of Chinese covert hacking can bring. Next up to the cyber intrusion plate is Japan.

Never the best of friends, China and Japan sit within Internet throwing code of each other geographically and historically they share a treasure trove of minefields, war, invasion, battles and that most eastern of doctrines, feuding. Suffice to say, they don’t always see eye to eye. And in this year 2011, the 80th anniversary of the Japanese invasion of northern China, things have taken to the cyber playground – Attacking your neighbours 80 years ago only to see them rise to the top of the Sovereign food chain and sit on the brink of world domination must be akin to bullying the wimpy kid at school, only to see him become a cage fighter with blood lust and get a job working alongside you in your twenties. Now China is the bully and Japan are not best pleased.

The land of the rising sun has pointed the finger squarely at China for a plethora of denial of service (DOL) attacks on both government and Mitsubishi - the largest of the Japanese defence contractors – websites. The bombardment saw major security breaches in the military web-space of Japan. Mitsubishi admitted that its computers and servers had been affected with viruses and tracking bugs, allowing information to be stolen from the network. Perhaps worse than this was the discovery that computers connected to the Japanese submarine fleets were hacked allowing the hackers to remotely control computers (whether remote control submarines were on the menu is unknown, but what fun that would be) and even use the built in microphones of the computers  as listening devices.

According to pro-hackin tricks.com, Mistubishi had “experienced hacking across 10 of its sites in Japan, including its submarine manufacturing plant in Kobe and a facility in Nagoya which makes engine parts for missiles. In total 45 network servers and 38 PCs became infected with eight strains of malware, including Trojan horse programs.”

According to Japanese Police Agency(NPA) 90% of the attacks were born in China, thus, in their eyes, making it the likeliest point of origin.

Take the blame would like to point to the ineptitude of the Chinese hacking department who can’t seem to do their cyber spying in anything approaching secrecy and to the Japanese. Buy a goddamn firewall. Even Norton.

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