Owen Hargreaves Blames injections for his fragile body

September 23, 2011

Yesterday Owen Hargreaves, of all things a Canadian footballer, was the most beloved man in Premiership football. Agreed, that is not much of a claim to fame bearing in mind that most Premiership footballers garner about as much love as infected asbestos splinters under the fingernails, but he was. Today, after 63 minute of game time for the latest money spending megaliths on the footballing stage – Manchester City – his star is falling.

Speaking to UK newspapers after the Carling Cup defeat of Birmingham (in which Hargreaves scored, marking a memorable comeback after just 6 minutes of football in 3 years) Hargreaves blamed painkilling injections he received whilst with Manchester United for his prolonged period of tendonitis and zero football.

I received some injections but my tendon was never the same. After the injections, I tried to get back on my feet and they said my tendon was good, but it felt like I was made out of glass. That obviously had a huge impact. With my tendon injury, I’ve had to be a guinea pig for a lot of these treatments. It’s difficult.”

That the player, who cost Manchester United the best part of a million pounds per game after his mega-money move from Bayern Munich, would say such a thing is a parting blow for the fans on the red side of Manchester, who, in huge majorities, didn’t voice contempt for his move to the enemy the other side of the city. Indeed, many of them wished him luck and sent nothing but good will: something that has never happened before and will most likely never happen again.

Owen Hargreaves blames Manchester United for his injury woes

Take the blame would like to offer its condolences for the red half of Manchester. You know he’s going to score against you.

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