Man frees birds and gets arrested for animal cruelty

September 29, 2011

See the video here

A 21-year old student of ineptitude has been arrested in St. Petersburg for freeing up to 10 birds from a cage. The problem? The birds were in the cage because their wings were injured and so flying was, if not impossible, painful and difficult at best. Also, as the man was a student of ineptitude, he filmed himself doing it, addressed the camera by his own name and then posted the video on YouTube (you can see the video below).

After freeing the birds, perhaps in a bid to gain access to the upper echelons of the World Wildlife Fund and carve a career as a fighter for animal rights, Blake Richard Reide was arrested by local police after they had been informed of his actions by a concerned ornithologist who had seen the YouTube videos.

As the birds could not really fly, they were quickly rounded up and put back in their bird prisons. It is worth noting that not only did Mr. Reid release 10 injured birds, they were not your run of the mill sparrows and robbins. A bald eagle, two turkey vultures, a red tailed hawk, two red shouldered hawks and one barred owl were quickly captured, rolling on the ground nearby as their wings would not comply with the messages sent from their tiny bird sized brains. Unfortunately one of the birds was still reported missing as of last night and that was a red-shoulded hwak. It is sure to be seen harassing and pecking at young children in the coming days.

Want to see the video? It is long but you can fast forward to the ineptitude.

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