Armed robber overpowered by 12-year old child.

October 5, 2011

Istanbuls criminal underworld is thwarted by a 12-year old child

armed and crazy? You are still no match for this 12-year old

Whatever drives a man to enter a jewellery shop brandishing a gun and fully intent on robbing the outfit of the entirety of its precious gems is, you would have thought, not going to be threatened by a 12-year old child. On a normal day it probably wouldn’t, but on a normal day the basement of the worlds criminal classes would not be confronting the 12-year old son of Turkish shop keeper Mehmet Karagoz.

When Mustafa S. entered the jewellery shop of Mehment Karagoz in the Bagcilar district of Istanbul he was probably expecting little in the way of retaliation. He had picked his targets wisely: an old man and a small child. What could possibly fuck up proceedings? What could possibly lodge a spanner in the intricate workings of his ingenious plan?

How about the son of the jeweller who, on seeing the criminal mastermind enter the jewellers, quickly calculated the odds of ineptitude, cowardice and malice running through the veins of the assailant, put one and one together and came up with the assumption that this particular piece of putridity had been lounging with the imbeciles of Istanbul a few moments too long and was, indeed, inept. The 12-year old jumped, attacked and won. Istanbul’s most lacking fled the scene. The CCTV cameras recorded the whole affair and quickly hit the headlines, pushing the small child into the hero-stratosphere reserved for people who normally catch falling babies.

Take The Blame would, obviously, like to bring to the attention the brave feet of daring by the child in question, but also like to draw attention to an armed criminal who was bested by an infant. The Godfather he is not.

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