Man shot in the hand by his laptop

October 11, 2011

Faulty laptop fires steel blade into the hand of a New Zealand man

All William Warner wanted to do was watch a DVD. What he ended up doing was being shot in the hand by his Toshiba laptop after a fault in the disk loading tray somehow catapulted part of the steel tray out of the DVD drive and through his hand. He never did get to watch the film, thetitle of which remains a mystery.

The painful remnants of when laptops attack!

According to the New Zealand Herald, 52-year old New Zealander William Warner was attempting to put a DVD into the disk drive of his Toshiba laptop when the machine suffered a bout of ineptitude and shot Mr. Warner through the hand. As you can see from the picture it was no surface wound but a full-on gaping cavity that pierced his entire hand. Just what type of spring loading DVD drives do they have down-under?

I looked at my palm and I was wondering, God what just happened? Then the pain … became excruciating and I had to be rushed to hospital

Toshiba, bless them, offered Mr. Warner a brand new laptop for his pain. Mr Warner probably wants a new hand.

I’ve been told I can no longer fish or play golf, and even writing for me now is a struggle. I can’t believe that trying to play a DVD on the laptop would land me with injuries that ended the use of my right hand as I know it.”

Although being offered another opportunity to chop his hands off, Mr. Warner is still seeking financial compensation from Toshiba. The case continues.

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