French town bans homeless people from looking in bins

October 13, 2011

Mayor of Nogent-Sur-Marne steps up campaign against the poor.

Nogent-Sur-Marne has made looking in bins for food a criminal offence

Nogent-Sur-Marne is a French town in the eastern suburbs of Paris and it has introduced a law banning people from looking in bins. In a bid to clear up the town centre, the Mayor of the French suburb, Jacques Jean-Paul Martin, has made it a public offence to delve, rummage, fish, forage or in any other way look in the rubbish bins of the town. The guilty culprits will be handed a 38 euro fine and repeat offenders could find themselves at the local Gendarmerie facing even sterner punishments.

Obviously some people are not happy at what they see as a piece of cowardice from the city Mayor as he tries to oust the increasing number of poor and homeless who frequent the Parisian streets. William Geib, chief of the opposition sees the new law as nothing more than an outright and blatant attack on the poor of Nogent.

We see that there is a form of escalation from the mayor. The only thing that remains to do would be to ban the poverty stricken of Nogent.”

What beggars believe, to use a badly worded pun, is the reasoning behind the decision of the UMP (the ruling party of President Nicolas Sarkozy) Mayor Jacques Jean-Paul Martin. In a pathetic attempt to pull the wool over the eyes of the common man he has blamed gangs of youths who operate in the streets of Nogent ransacking bins and looking for technology that they can then sell on at a later date: iPhone, mp3 players, laptops, coffee machines? The bins of Nogent-Sur-Marne, if the Mayor is to be believed, are a treasure trove of electronic goods; a Dixons, an electronics store, a Christmas stocking where everything is free and just waiting to be found in a bin near you. Speaking to someone the Mayor obviously thinks is a gullible sucker, he said that,

For several months, some people search the containers and spill on the road in search of objects that could be marketed. These are not people looking for food.”

Really Mayor? The streets of Nogent are awash with gangs of bin looters and opportunistic bin searchers? Obviously this is bullshit. The streets of Nogent-Sur-Marne are no more full of people looking in bins for iPhones than anywhere else. It is a blatant attack on the homeless and poor wrapped in the pathetic, inept ramblings of an out of touch Town Hall. The 38 Euro fine which accompanies the new law is also as inept as the law itself. What people are looking in bins for food who have 38 Euros burning a hole in their pocket? These people have no pockets to have holes burnt in; their trousers are frayed and worn and falling apart at the seams. It is why they are looking in bins for food you arrogant brandisher of power.

This is not the first time that the Mayor and politicians of Nogent-Sur-Marne have tried to oust the poor. Every winter since 2007 the Mayor’ office has banned begging in the streets. Every Winter! Numbers are hard to come by and ever-increasing but it is thought that over 100,000 homeless people “live”in France with hundreds dying every winter on the hard, concrete streets of Paris. When begging is most vital, they ban it. Class act.

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