Odd smell blamed for grounding plane

October 21, 2011

Strange, non-bodily, smell lands plane in Switzerland

The A320 that was forced to land due to unknown aroma

A Lufthansa A320 aircraft en route between Frankfurt and Madrid was re-rooted to Zurich airport after bizarre smells were detected emanating from the cabin kitchen.

The plane was carrying 80 passengers escaping the freezing German temperatures for some late Autumn Spanish sunshine and sangria when cabin crew started flinching their nostrils. Notifying the captain of unexplained odours and being unable to ascertain with any clarity where the abhorrent aromas were originating, the decision was taken to abort the mission and land at the nearest airport, hence Zurich.

Lufthansa stresses that the unexpected landing was just precautionary and that nobody was in danger during the unexplained smell. Airport spokesman Jasmin Boulder told the Associated Press that “an undefinable smell from the kitchen” was to blame for the diversion. Bizarrely 3 of the plane staff were taken to hospital on landing in Zurich. No explanation has been given for this other than the usual precautionary measures.

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