Obviously guilty serial killer blames lawyer in a bid to eschew the chair.

November 14, 2011

When you are a serial killer with nothing left to lose and facing a bit of state-funded execution is a serious obstacle between yourself and your next birthday, then why not blame the lawyer whose preposterous job it is to defend you. Danny Robbie Hembree did exactly this after having been convicted of first degree murder in a Gaston County (America) Court.

As superfluous a man like Robbie Hembree is to the every-day beating heart of the human species, he has placed a smug-shaped spanner in the reserved law community of Gaston County. Or at least he did, temporarily: that is until his ludicrous demands were tossed out of court as fast as this man will be catapulted into a concrete prison cell for the rest of his lamentable life. Or he gets the death penalty.

Hollywood serial killer

The defendant, who was convicted of first degree murder of teenager Heather Catterton – as well as previous convictions for a series of armed robberies, physical attacks and the videoed confession to the slaying of another victim, Randi Saldana – asked for the verdict to be dropped and a re-trial to be given. His inept reasoning being his lawyer.

I don’t have any confidence in counsel, and I don’t have any confidence in the state……Let’s start this thing over and do it right” said the brutally belligerent, calm and calculating Hembree.

The demands were not met, the verdict upheld and sentencing awaits.

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