Breaking Blame™ no. 2. X-factor embroiled in cocaine war; Walsh blames Barlow.

November 16, 2011

X Factor gets interesting and all it took was cocaine

Cocaine killed the neighbourhood.

Stepping away from global politics you have X-factor. Normally the home of pre-pubesent children and people who have no idea of what music is, the show has finally rocked out and been prone to a cocaine bust. As it is family viewing and no rock and roll should be entered into, the guilty party has been axed from the show and will be replaced with a piece of monotone monotony. 18-year old Frankie Cocozza (Cocozza does cocaine) has been portrayed as a teenage Libertine, filmed drinking with girls and bragging about doing cocaine. The path to excess is paved with X factor ejection and Mr Cocozza has been given the boot to protect the innocent children who tune in looking for a role-model, not a rock star. One  X factor judge is not happy.

Louis Walsh has blamed Gary Barlow for Frankie’s descent into affliction.

Gary made a mistake. I blame him for it all…..Gary told him not to behave from day one and gave him the free licence to act up from the start. Gary’s responsible…… He said that on camera and now he’s back tracking. Gary never wanted Frankie to behave

There you have it. No mistaking where the blame lies in this particular grudge match.

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