Computer Games at Dawn. Coach Blames Call of Duty 3 for killing his football team.

November 19, 2011

Is this game responisble for American Footballers losing their edge?

At any one moment 3 million players are locked down and playing Call of Duty 3 online. In its first week of release in early November the game shifted over 775 million dollars worth of cyber war joy, enough to make small countries, let alone the latest cinema blockbusters, weep jealous, covetous tears of saline envy into their morning cereal bowls. Modern Warfare: the game, is as monetarily successful as Modern Warfare: the reality.

The hours of lost revenue that this one game must be costing doesn’t bear thinking about; the minds of children’s this game must be warping, unknown; the cost to society; considerable. The average Call of Duty player logs over 170 hours a year, and that is small fry compared to some. But it is a damn-sight more fun than Facebook, so its not all Doom™ and gloom.

So powerful is the call for Call of Duty that University of Louisville Coach Charlie Strong has blamed the game itself for his football team being crap. Now you may think that a computer game couldn’t possibly be responsible for university men clad in over-sized ponchos failing to live up to their preconceived notions of excellence, but you would be wrong.

That new, what do they call it, Call to Duty? Yeah, they got called to duty…… But, these are young people and that’s what we’re dealing with. Guys who, all of a sudden there’s something new and they want to try it and it just engulfs them.”

As ludicrous as it sounds, the coach could obviously be hitting on something he has no idea about, squarely in the heart. Professional athletes need a few things to keep at their peak levels, both in terms of mental and physical fitness. If these athletes are not sleeping and not training but are instead sitting in the dark twiddling their buttons and shooting German, Afghan and Iraqi soldiers for 16 hours per day, something is going to give. Sacrificing sleep for X-box is going to have a direct result on performance. Really it actually goes without saying.

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