Occupy Harrisburg turns ugly as protester is arrested for dressing like a zombie.

November 27, 2011

Shoppers on Black Friday see a bargain, lose their senses and charge

This situation must be controlled before it’s too late. They’re multiplying too rapidly!”

This is a quote from George Romero’s 1978 zombie masterpiece Dawn of The Dead. In the iconic film the words are obviously applied to the increasing number of zombies intent on eating brains, but it could be applied to the current occupy movement which is spreading, much like a plague, across the world, as seen through the eyes of the financial and political institutions the movement is, at least in a diluted and unorganised form, trying to change. Now the two worlds of zombie and occupy have collided in Harrisburg where an occupant has been arrested for dressing like a zombie.

For those of you who know, Dawn of The Dead was primarily shot in a shopping mall and so it comes as no surprise that this particular occupy demonstration was taking place in the Capital City Mall on Black Friday, the day the traditional American Christmas shopping season gets under way. Dawn of The Dead is seen by many as a documentation of a consumer society gone mad on its own spending habits, creating a population so obsessed with spending money on material things that when they, for all and purposes, die, the only thing their disintegrating brains can remember is an innate desire to go shopping. In a bid to replicate the message of the film, the occupy protesters descended on Capital Mall dressed as zombies to highlight the folly of spending more money and escalating the debt culture. *

Jenn Hara was a zombie amongst zombies when she was arrested for not complying with mall police. According to a police report she refused to remove the face-paint she was wearing, thus breaking the “no face-paint” laws of the mall; something to do with obscuring a persons face. Jenn Hara claims that she was merely asking for more information on the draconian face-paint rules.

*no economic theories we investigated, researched or in anyway entertained for this article.

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