The French can’t keep their clothes on. La Redoute keeps naked man behind children on beach.

January 5, 2012

“Just when you thought it was safe to go back into the water.”

This is the tag line from Jaws 2, the 1978 sequel to the 1975 Steven Spielberg shark film Jaws, a film about a big shark terrorising the fictional town of Amity. In the second film another giant shark finds its way into the peaceful waters of Amity and starts harassing unsuspecting bathers. After chief inspector Brody – the bumbling hero of the franchise –  takes offence to yet another man eating shark infesting his tranquil waters, he sets up a one man crack team (him) and sets about trying to exterminate the beast. In jaws 2 the Brody stakes have been upped and the Brody family, in the shape of his son, are now in danger. Not only that, but the kids on the beach are being targeted by the big rubber fish.

No killer shark and no naked men

In France a similar story is happening only without a shark, without any shark victims and without Chief inspector Brody. Infact the only similarity between the two stories is a beach. But the ineptitude in the story breaking in France far outweighs the rubber shark puppet modelling on view in the Jaws films. Take a look at the photo below.

Is that a naked man in the background?

La Redoute is a French fashion retailer that specialises in mail ordering. It is a huge company with a turnover that could squash you in banknotes. Unfortunately, or perhaps fortunately depending on how you look at it – no such thing as bad advertising and all that – the crack team of editors who compile their website couldn’t spot a naked man splashing around in the ocean literally metres from 4 children showing off this years summer kids collection. The photo appeared on the La Redoute website and had gone viral long before the sea urchins at La Redoute had clocked onto what was happening. In a twist of glorious stupidity, La Redoute offers its customers magnifying glasses to inspect the **cough** cough** wears more thoroughly.

At some point before publication surely the same magnifying glasses were used to inspect the photos before release? Surely someone, at some stage saw the stark bollock naked man a stones throw from some kids and said “you know what? we should airbrush this naked man out of these photos. And what of the camera crew taking the photos? Did they not sense that they were filming on a nudist beach? Or are all beaches in France nudist? And why oh why can I not see this naked man by these kids?

TakeTheBlame™ would like to point the finger at some very glaring ineptitude.

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