Outdoor Rain blamed for indoor Heathrow Queues.

May 1, 2012

delays expected this summer

As the bulging ineptitude of the Olympic Games looms over the capital and  London security chiefs mount land to air missile systems on the tops of apartment blocks in some of the most densely populated housing estates in Western Europe, Heathrow airport is continuing its gold medal winning form in the ineptitude Olympics. At the moment it is a 1-2-3 for the badly organised, incongruous decisions and preposterous spending.

Chaos in the immigration and arrival halls at Heathrow airport has been blamed on that most British of weather phenomenon, rain. Immigration minister Damian Green was called to an emergency cabinet meeting on the issue late on Monday night where he expressed his cerebral contemplation on the problem.

There were some breaches of acceptable waiting times at Heathrow over the weekend. This was caused mainly by the severe weather

Those breaches, which he so eloquently refers, were 2-hour queues for non-European holiday makers where a 45-minute maximum waiting time is in place. These limits were put in place without consideration for the weather as was demonstrated over the weekend by a heavy deluge which caused the airport to reach near-breaking point.

So much rain fell in the south of England that the iris scanners – that have been scrapped at other airports around the country due to their failings – and the under-staffed immigration counters couldnt cope with the influx of tourists in the, give or take, busiest airport in the world. Unless Heathrow are planning on contructing a recling roof on Terminal 5 so that everybody can wait in the sunshine whilst in their queues, then no rain can fall inside the terminal and the correct blame for the inacceptable waiting times can be attributed to the real agent responsible i.e. lack of staff and resources.

For the shambolic ineptitude to be blamed on the rain only heightened the anger of London Mayor Boris Johnson who wrote to home secretary Theressa May outlining his views on the airport.

“(Heathrow gives) a terrible impression of the UK … This summer gives a once-in-a-generation opportunity to promote what is best about London and the UK. It is critical visitors have a great experience from the beginning to end of their stay.”

Delays expected.


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