The M.O.D is considering using ballistic surface-to-air missiles on housing estate in east London

October 21, 2012

In a bid to make the British runners run faster the London Olympic committee have decided to give them a headstart

The Ministry of Defence has upped the anti in the billion dollar security project that is the 2012 London Olympics by ruminating the use of surface-to-air missiles to protect the skies above London during the event. In a bid to spend as much money as possible preceding and during the 2-week running race the security budget has been ear-marked as a veritable Great Blue Hole off of Belize in which to pour money, without really stopping to consider the consequences.

Surface-to-air missiles you say? Arent those the very weapons that shocked and awed Iraq? That got Iran into hot water and had the entire Asia-Pacific region quaking in its rather stylish boots when North Korea tried to, it must be said rather pathectically, test run one earlier in 2012? Well, yes, essentially. Travelling at three time the speed of sound, 3 missiles will fire in a successive torrent of explosives destroying any low flying terrorist threat that happens to have entered the airspace above the Olympic village and or Stadium. Bravo.

For your viewing pleasure, a quick video to show just exactly the kind of fire power we are talking about here.

OK, so just where are the Ministry of Defence thinking of putting these weapons? Bearing in mind these things are usually test fired in the desert a thousand military clicks from any kind of population centre and under a cloud of hushed parliamentary whispers, it would make sense that somewhere around Norwich would be as good a place as any. But as we all know the MOD likes to play rough and is in fact considering placing the firepower on the roof of some apartment buildings in east London.

700 residents of an east London tower hamlet awoke to discover their mailboxes not only full of the usual array of junk but also what could have been viewed as a practical joke. Only it wasnt April fools day and this was addressed from The Ministy of Defence and said that high velocity surface-to-air missiles could be placed on their roof.

The letter went on to explain the rational behind the decision and that is where things get interesting, because as if missiles aimed at terrorists on your roof isn’t exciting enough.

The location has been chosen as it is situated close to the Olympic Park and offers an excellent view of the surrounding area and the entire sky above the Olympic Park.”

Take the Blame is not a bastion of military study or the science behind propelling a steel phallic test-tube at 3 times the speed of sound at a fast moving target, but one suspects that in this day and age its not necessary to be able to see what you are firing at. Indeed it probably hinders the aiming system. It is not as if a man will be standing on the roof sighting the rapidly approaching terrorist target with a pair of binoculars and a itchy trigger finger. Is it? One would hope not. Do they not have radar?

The actual decision to deploy the missiles operationally has not been officially given but tests will be carried out in the first week of May and if the government adjudges the missiles crucial to the protection of the Games then a swat team of armed soldiers will be on 24-hour watch at the missile sites. Well thats OK then, at least the ineptitude will be supervised.





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