Blame takers in the news

This is a daily update of actual news articles where, against the odds, someone has held their hands up and said they are to blame. We will scour the Internet to find some evidence of politicians doing this. The news feeds, as a result, maybe somewhat slow, but we will do our best. They must be out there. Somewhere.

Famous hacker ‘The Jester’ Takes the blame for recent denial of service (Ddos) hacks on the controversial Westboro Baptist Church.

“ – TANGO DOWN. Temporarily. For celebrating the death of US troops – honeypot fail btw.”

David Letterman takes the blame for Lindsay Lohan mixup. Nice work sir.

“I hope I didn’t embarrass you, Lindsay, and your family.”

Gossip Girls Dan takes the blame and Blair gets her job back. Xoxo

“He calls their boss and takes the blame for everything. Blair gets her job back”

Low pressure system takes blame for record snowfall in International Falls, Minnesota

“The Borderland area went from a light dusting of snow on the ground to a winter wonderland over a day’s time.”

Steve Macdonald takes the blame for shop theft in Corrie

Steve McDonald who knew what is wife had done takes the blame when evidence comes to light over the theft

CEO of Groupon Takes Blame for Offensive Superbowl Ad

“Five days have passed since the Super Bowl, and one thing is clear — our ads offended a lot of people. We hate that we offended people, and we’re very sorry that we did”

State worker takes blame in film tax credit abuse case

“Friday’s testimony put someone who wasn’t even in the courtroom in the hot seat. At times, it seemed like the man who used to run Iowa’s film office was on trial.”

Rugby star takes the blame.

“Scotland hooker Ross Ford thinks the Stade de France scrummage struggles were a collective issue, but the British Lion is taking the rap for any lineout malfunctions”

more sportstars taking the blame.

“Ben Roethlisberger watched his hopes of a third Super Bowl crown in six seasons go up in smoke – then blamed himself for the crushing loss.”