Who’s blaming who?

Just when you think it is safe, Blame and Ineptitude strike

Indeed. Who is? Watch them argue about how it is everybody else who is to blame.

Fat people can blame personality for their fatness. Not eating to much and doing no exercise.

“happy go fatty”

Fuse to blame for stranding 20000 commuters.

“It will have an impact on my work but it’s not the end of the world”

The moon, or Supermoon, is blamed for causing ships to run aground on British coast.

“We checked them all and there were no injuries, just some surprise at being caught out like this. Blame it on the Moon”

Ed Milliband blames conservative cuts on slow growth

“This was not “by chance” but because of “wrong” policies, Mr Miliband said.”

Toddler gets drunk. Police blame parent.

“Police say the baby was drunk”

Gaddafi blames Bin Laden!!!

“Gaddafi is off his head and blaming Bin laden for the uprising.”

Michelle Obama blames Mom and Dad for American fat kids.

“They can’t run around the block, they can’t touch their toes or do a push up”

Carlo Ancelotti refuses to blame Fernando $5000000000000 Torres for Chelsea ineptitude.

“Since his deadline day move from Liverpool the team has lost against his former club and endured a scoreless draw at Fulham”

Everyone but the Unions is to blame for Wisconsin’s budget. Says Ezra Klein of The Washington Post

“Blame the banks. Blame global capital flows. Blame lax regulation of Wall Street. Blame home buyers, or home sellers. But don’t blame the unions. Not for this recession”

Electrocution killed them there 2 horses.

“Electrocution was yesterday confirmed as the cause of death of Fenix Two and Marching Song, the two horses who collapsed and died at Newbury last Saturday”

Snowplows to Blame for knocking over mailboxes in sleepy Pamelia

“When you have your mailbox the same height as the wing of the truck, you’re going to get hit,” Dennis G. Hoistion said. “A lot of times it just takes that people raise their mailbox a little bit.”

Police Blame residents for increase in car and house theft in Fayetteville.

“Lock your home, lock your windows, get to know your neighbors and if you have an alarm use it”

Donald Rumsfeld takes the blame…… for almost nothing. Yehah.

“The book is a feisty, score-settling recounting of everything from his battles with Rice’s “failing” management of the National Security Council”

Laptop to blame for killing dog

“A woman said she left her home on Apollo Circle for a short time and when she got back, her house was on fire”

38% of students blame their courses for being on the dole

“The reality is that as a country we haven’t been very good at creating graduates that are specialised in areas that employers are demanding”

Ed Miliband tells Welsh council workers to blame Tories for pay cuts

“That is where they originate – it’s a Conservative- led Government that has primary responsibility for these changes.”

Broadcasting Union blames Birmingham BBC redundancies on top brass and senior managers

Politicians blame Norwegian media for anti-Israel feeling

“Norwegian media coverage is quite biased against Israel, and they are a little like sheep in a way. Independent thinking is not common on this issue”

Banking regulation is up for blame as politicians and bankers argue over who is responsible.

“These would reward senior executives if the bank does well but would become virtually worthless if it performed poorly”